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As any parent of a baby with eczema knows, finding the right clothing and bedding for your baby can prove difficult. The National Eczema Association have identified a number of triggers that can exacerbate your child’s flare-ups. These include proximity to certain materials such as wool or polyester as well as becoming overheated or sweaty. In order to avoid sweat as potential trigger, it is important to opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics to prevent overheating. Additionally, a fabric’s absorption ability is vitally important. More absorbant fabrics are proven to quickly remove moisture (such as sweat) from the skin.

Muslin fabric made from cotton has long been hailed as an excellent option for sufferers of eczema for its softness and breathability. Its quick drying properties and lightweight quality offers parents an easy method of controlling your baby’s temperature.

A luxury alternative to cotton muslin is made from Bamboo (70%) and cotton (30%) blend and is in our opinion, the best choice of fabric. Advantages include being 3 times more absorbent than cotton and soft and silky to the touch wash after wash.

At Bear’s Little Fish, we offer this fabric in our muslin range of products. To take a look at our Grow-with-me Blankets are 120cm x 120cm (47 x 47 inches) lovingly made with 4 layers of our Premium Blend Bamboo Muslin.

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