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Many babies become attached to their favourite comforter. That's why the choice is so important.  Bamboo is a sustainable fabric that's as good for the environment as it is for baby.  

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What is Bear's Little Fish?

Comfy, cosy, and durable. Bear's Little Fish produces the best essentials for your baby. Based in Dublin and created by parents to two twin boys, we understand better than anyone the importance of providing the best essentials for your baby without compromising on design. 

We're also committed to the environment. We have created a range of Premium Bamboo blended muslin. This special blend is also a kind choice for babies with sensitive skin,

As parents of little ones ourselves, we hope you love using our products as much as we do.

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Every time you shop with us, you can expect high quality, durable items with a focus on comfort. But that's not all - here's what else you can expect: 

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Bear's Little Fish creates high-quality goods for your young family. We understand better than anyone the importance of providing snug-and-cosy essentials for your baby.

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